The mission of Rocky Hill Youth Lacrosse is to educate and develop the players, parents, and community about the game of Lacrosse.

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Lacrosse Equipment Checklist

Boys' and girls' lacrosse are differentthe major difference being that hitting and checking are allowed for boys and not for girlsthey use different equipment.


Co-ed Lightning (Grades 1 & 2) Equipment

Lightning lacrosse is a NON-contact developmental level. Therefore, the only equipment necessary is a mouthguard and (girl or boy) lacrosse stick. We use developmentally appropriate softer lacrosse balls to enable players to learn the foundational skills needed to build upon as they move forward in their understanding of the game at each level. 

Boys' Lacrosse Equipment

Because hitting and checking is allowed in boys' lacrosse, more protective equipment is required. The emphasis in all programs is on safety, fun, and learning the skills and game of lacrosse. Boys’ protective equipment should include:


  • A helmet with attached mouth guard
  • Shoulder pads with Chest Protector (must meet NOCSAE Certification requirements)
  • Elbow pads
  • Gloves
  • Protective cup and jock strap
  • Cleats


Girls’ Lacrosse Equipment

Girls play to a different set of noncontact rules than boys with limited equipment needs. The emphasis in all programs is on safety, fun, and learning the skills and game of lacrosse. Girls’ protective equipment should include:

  • A mouth guard (mandatory)
  • SEI Certified Protective eyewear (mandatory)
  • Padded gloves (these are optional but recommended)
  • Cleats

Note: female lacrosse players (other than goalies) are not required to wear helmets


Lacrosse Equipment Stores/Discounts

Below is a list of locations and discount coupons (see attached) that we have received.  Please note, Rocky Hill Cromwell Youth Lacrosse is providing you with all available information and does not endorse any specific location or retailer.  Please review all your choices carefully.

Dick’s Sporting Goods 

They have introductory packages for players.



Sartorius Sports
Inexpensive introductory packages. 

Chris Stephan
177 W. Main Street, Avon


Lacrosse Unlimited

Supplier of sticks and protective equipment

32-B Fenn Road, Newington


Play it Again Sports West Hartford
15 South Main Street, West Hartford, CT